Me & my: Siegwerk UV-OPV

Amar Chhajed, of Huhtamaki PPL says, Siegwerk’s UV-OPV enhances the reliability factor in pharmaceutical packaging and eradicates cross-contamination of varnishes.

12 Aug 2017 | By Priya Raju

Describe your company...
Webtech Labels is a division of Huhtamaki-PPL which is a leading Rs 2,000 crore packaging company in India. We are also one of the largest players in the labelling industry with five manufacturing units spread across India.
When did you start to use inks from Siegwerk?
We share a decade long association with Siegwerk.
What are the properties that you like about Siegwerk’s Benzophenone-free UV – Over Print Varnish (OPV)?
We like the quality, consistency in colour, printability, and curing. The Benzophenone-free UV-OPV offered by Siegwerk is a very reliable product and has been tested and approved by several of our pharmaceutical customers.
Why did you opt for this UV-OPV? How are you benefiting? 
As we work very closely with our customer’s research and development as well as packaging teams, the migration concerns faced by them made us review our inks and varnishes very seriously. As a result of this, we took a conscious call to entirely switch to Benzophenone-free varnish in our pharmaceutical label facility. This has helped us to eradicate the possibility of cross-contamination between different types of varnishes. Our benefit lies in the interests of our customers and ultimately their end-users.  
Did you look at other similar products? 
We do consider and use other similar products available depending on customer’s preferences. But principally we prefer to work with a strategic partner and depend on their knowledge and expertise for our input materials. Siegwerk is our preferred partner for the UV-OPV product.
What are the features that tilted the favour in this?
Consistent test results for Benzophenone content and curing speeds on the machine are the key reasons.
How much have these features helped you in pharmaceutical and other labels work?
The switch to Benzophenone-free UV varnishes is a demonstration of our commitment to eradicate migration concerns due to labels. This step comes with its own challenges, but I am confident that this will help us in the form of customer loyalty as well as for new opportunities.
Is this product suitable to be used on a variety of substrates?
The inks and varnishes are suitable for most types of standard label substrates that we are using.
Is there anything that you do not like or can be improved about this? 
Improving productivity is always an ongoing process and curing speeds play a major role in enabling this. So, higher curing speed is surely an area for further improvement. 
What’s the quality like? 
Quality enhancement due to the use of Benzophenone-free varnish is not something that’s visibly seen. But I can assure that the quality/reliability factor in pharmaceutical packaging is greatly enhanced due to this type of OPV. 
How easy is it to use? 
The product can be used in the same way as another OPV, with precautions taken to avoid contamination. 
Would you say that it offers value for money? 
If the sole criteria is to protect the quality and reliability of the end product, then the use of such an OPV enables this and is of tremendous value. The higher costs of using this product are clearly offset by the advantages it offers to the customers.  
Were there any difficulties experienced during the consumption or while operating on the machine?
The biggest challenge to use a Benzophenone-free OPV on the machine is to avoid contamination. The other issue is about curing speeds which may not be exactly the same as regular UV-OPV.   
Who do you think the product is right for? 
The product is essentially recommended for pharmaceutical and food packaging.
Would you recommend it to others? 
I would say it will definitely be a step the right direction


User’s verdict:
Value for money

Supplier’s response:
Mahesh Kode, business unit head - narrow web, Siegwerk India, says, “Usually, Benzophenone is a widely used photo-initiator in UV coating formulations.

However, it has a tendency to migrate into the label and eventually to the product packed in the labeled container, contaminating it. Hence, Siegwerk indigenously developed the Benzophenone-free UV-OPV (UV light curing Over-Print Varnish) which ensures zero risks of migration.

Webtech Labels is India’s largest producer of pharmaceutical labels. Using this product eliminate the risks of medicines getting contaminated by Benzophenone.

Siegwerk developed this product locally and started supplying to Webtech thus helping Amar Chhajed realise his dream of making Webtech a 100% Benzophenone-free label-producing company.”

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