Me & My - Scodix UltraPro with Foil

Scodix gives us a competitive edge with its tangible enhancement on print for personalisation for short-run jobs, says Lalit Gupta of Ankita Communications

18 Jan 2018 | By Priya Raju

Describe your company
Ankita Communications is a New Delhi-based film and CTP plate service bureau. We have been servicing the offset print industry for more than 15 years. The shopfloor is equipped with two Basysprint and one Topaz CTCP.
When did you invest in the Scodix machine? 
We installed the Scodix UltraPro with Foil in October 2017. Its the first Scodix Ultra Pro machine in North India.
What does the machine do?
It is a digital enhancement press that brings in flexibility, quality and productivity for the commercial PSPs and folding carton converters. The machine enables us to produce tangible enhancements for a wide variety of applications, ranging from marketing collateral, premium packages, photo albums along with variable data printing (VDP) capabilities based on barcode systems.
Why did you choose this particular machine?
We were looking for expansion with diversification in the industry. We found that digital enhancement was a solution, which will helps us to be a step ahead of others. We will now be a service bureau for digital enhancement, wherein print firms can get their jobs enhanced from us with full security of the jobs. A win-win situation for both.
How has this machine benefitted you?
Scodix gives us a distinct advantage over other suppliers. We can now deliver luxury enhancements on personalised and short-run jobs, along with the cost savings by eliminating the outsourcing of foiling/tooling costs and set-up time. We are now looking to enter new markets in commercial and high-end packaging, by providing added value for the brands.
Did you look at any other similar machine?
Yes, we did look at all the options available in the market. But we felt that the value addition offered by Scodix is unbeatable and best suited for us.
What features of the machine do you particularly like?
The machine is equipped with RSP (Rotate Scale Position) for optimal image-to-image registration, PAS (Pin Activate Secure) a patented foil process which enables us to create ultra-fine details with a variety of foils on a wide range of substrates. Also, the machine has the capability to print VDP (Variable Data Printing) along with foil and can be managed in-house which proves to be cost-effective.
Is there anything you wish it had that it doesn’t?
For us, the machine offers everything that we can think of. The single machine offers the compatibility to do nine different applications and effects such as Scodix Sense, foil, foil on foil, spot, cast and cure, crystals, metallic, glitter, VDP, and Braille.
How fast is it?
The press is capable of producing up to 1,250 B2 plus size (21.5x31-inch) sheets in an hour. 
How much time or money has it saved?
The fact that this machine has eliminated all the conventional process of die and mould-making for the foiling process and hybrid UV has resulted in cost savings. Since all the process is digitally done, it gives us an edge over others and helps us provide better quality to our customers.
Would you say that it offers value for money?
It has added value to the print produces and enabled us to produce various applications, differentiate ourselves and our customers in their offerings.
What about the pre- and after-sales service?
Monotech has been our preferred partner since we entered our platemaking business. Whether it is technical, operational or other services, the team has always been with us and extended best of their service.
Who do you think is the machine right for?
This is a digital enhancement press and is useful for those who want to differentiate their print offerings and enhance their products to have a competitive edge over others.
Under what circumstances would you invest in another such machine?
We have always looked forward to innovating, produce more and grow our clientele base. When we will see a need for another Scodix we will surely do so.


User’s verdict

Speed *****

Quality *****

Reliability *****

Value for money *****

Suppliers Response

We are delighted to see that Scodix is such an integral part of Ankita Communications. They have a keen sense of awareness about the benefits Scodix enhancement can bring to a business. They realise that the time is now to invest in the technology before everyone can. The Scodix Ultra Pro digital enhancement press offers a unique range of applications, some of which cannot be replicated by any other process. So, we have no doubt that Ankita’s customers will be thrilled.

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