"Packaging success comes in cans," Syed Sohel, Can-Pack

On the occasion of Packaging Day being celebrated today by the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), Syed Sohel of Aurangabad-based Can-Pack, shares his packaging journey and moments with Anand Srinivasan of PrintWeek India

25 Mar 2014 | By Anand Srinivasan

Best packaging moment in your life
The best packaging moment of my life was, when we started palleting our first batch of cans at our factory in Aurangabad. 

Favourite packaging product

Personally if you ask me, cans are the best packing product. They preserve the beverage from any contamination and beverage tastes great for longer time.

Packaging design that caught your eye
King Fisher Ultra is the real eye catcher. The design is marvelous and the use of special lacquers and over varnish to get that orange peel effect on the can surface was a great idea.  

Your packaging toolsCan-Pack India is equipped to support the packaging industry with 50 Cl, 33 Cl regular, 33 Cl Fit and 30 Cl Fit cans for the customers who really want to satisfy their thirst for innovation. With use of special inks, lacquers and over varnish we offer various printing solutions that help the cans stand out on the shelf.

Favourite packaging job you have produced
Packaging is all about innovations. Every job that calls for use of innovative solution is my favorite.

Favourite packaging job which you would like to produce
One of the innovative packaging solutions that Can-Pack offers is use of thermo-chromic inks, where the colour of the can changes depending on the temperature of the beverage, example if the beverage is at room temperature the colour of the cans can be white and upon chilling the can might look blue, Isn't it exciting?  

Before chilling             After chilling

Best packaging gift that you have receivedI don't want to name the brand, but it was a chocolate company who had packed their chocolates in such a way that I just kept it admiring for few days without eating the chocolates.

A packaging company you admire, and why?
I admire Can-Pack the most and I am proud to be a part of such a conglomerate. Can-Pack group has been a leader in the packaging industry for more than two decades providing paramount metal packaging solutions to the varied requirements of our customers. Can-Pack India has steered a revolution in the Indian beverage packaging industry with the set up of a state-of-the-art facility for the manufacturing of two-piece aluminum beverage cans. We are the first in the country to introduce two piece aluminum beverage cans.

Where do you see packaging in 10 years?
Packaging is the future. It’s the first interaction between your product and your customer and in today’s stiff competitive tough market no one wants to be left unnoticed. Thanks to the technology for making dream innovation come true. Packaging which has already become an integral part of the product will change the dynamics of the industry.

Best compliment a packaging buyer shared with you?
Success comes in cans.