“My mission is to take AIFMP at par with the best at international level”

Kamal Chopra will take over the reins of All India Federation of Master Printers (AIFMP) operations for the period 2016-17. A tête-à-tête with Kamal Chopra.

26 Sep 2016 | By Noel D'Cunha

PrintWeek India (PWI): What are your current designations at the Offset Printers Association (OPA) / AIFMP, sir?
Kamal Chopra (KC): At present, I am the general secretary at OPA. At the AIFMP, I am the vice president for North.

PWI: When do you officially take up your new role?
KC: As per the norms, the new team will take charge from 1 October.

PWI: Who is your core team?
KC: My office bearers during the 2016-17 tenure are: Anand Limaye, honorary general secretary; C Prakash Babu is the treasurer. The four vice presidents for the four regions are - Arun Gupta for North; CD Kumaravel for South; Rajinder Jain for West; and Sandip Sanyal for East. GK Kalairajan will act as the joint secretary while D Kalita, the immediate past president.

PWI: How many years of print industry experience in Ludhiana?
KC: I’ve been serving the print industry for the last 46 years.

PWI: How much has your work at OPA given you an understanding of the Indian industry's problems? Going forward, how will these experiences benefit members of the AIFMP?
KC: I have been across the length and breadth of the country, but more intensive has been the North India. I’ve been share my experiences and networking with the AIFMP.

My work and experience at the grass-root level being at the OPA is something that I give due credence to, and my next year at AIFMP will see more importance given to the micro- and small printers, more than the medium and large sector printers.

PWI: Your first step on day one at the AIFMP?
KC: I would like to spread the message of brotherhood and complete networking with allied bodies associated with print.

PWI: What is the long-term goal of the AIFMP?
KC: My mission is to take AIFMP at par with the best at international level, and government recognition for printing and packaging industry.

PWI: Will you replicate your work at the print university in Hisar in other centres of India?
KC: I am already attached to other universities, like universities at Aurangabad and Bhopal. I wish to work with more universities, with the aim of providing quality and modern print education.

PWI: Any initiative to create a consolidated print consortium through talks with friendly associations like Indian Newspaper Society and LMAI and ICCMA - as well as paper mill manufacturers, and IPAMA?
KC: As I already mentioned, my mission will be to ensure a complete networking with all the allied bodies. I will try to contact and bring them all under one platform.

PWI: Many people in our industry feel that AIFMP has lost its mojo…
KC: I think those people who say this are living in the dark. AIFMP is the world's largest printers body. It’s a representative body for 250,000 printers of India and as the president of this esteemed body, I would like to say that with the cooperation and support of the printers and with complete networking with other allied bodies, AIFMP is going to shine like a bright star.

PWI: One message from you as the president?
KC: I am proud to be a printer and love AIFMP is my message to the entire printing and packaging community of the nation.


AIFMP members for 2016-17

Kamal Chopra (President)

Anand Limaye (Hon General Secretary)

Parkash Babu (Treasurer)

Arun Gupta [Vice President (North)]

Rajinder Jain [Vice President (West)]

Surjit Sanyal [Vice President (East)]

C D Kumarvel [Vice President (South)]

GK Kalairajan (Joint Secretary)