Me & My: ERP Solution from Renuka Softtec

Tushar Shah of Rich Offset & Rich Prints (Rich Group) shares his reasons to invest in ERP Solution from Renuka Softtec

05 Apr 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Tushar Shah of Rich Offset

Please describe your company.
We are a pan-India printing and packaging company with three production houses centrally controlled through the head office in Mumbai. We specialise in pharma and FMCG packaging.

When did you start using the ERP software from RenukaSofttec?
We have been using the Renuka ERP for the last seven-eight years.

What are the properties of the ERP solution you like?
Apart from being user-friendly in the type of customisations it offers, I like how prompt and smooth the ERP is in its response.

Why did you decide to use the ERP?
We were on the lookout for software that would fine tune our existing practices vis-à-vis minimising errors. We have also benefitted from the customisable reports that the ERP offers which has helped us take crucial decisions in improving our protocols.

Did you look at other similar products?
We did peruse a few other products, but the presentation given by the Renuka team was the most impressive; the clarity with which they answered our queries sealed the deal for us. Since then, the team has always been open to feedback which shows that they are committed to their clients.

What are the features that tilted the favour in this?
As I said, the Renuka team was open to feedback and committed to continued optimisation of the product; this was very reassuring. We’ve not regretted our decision as since then, the company has always been open to customisations.

How much have these features helped you in your production?
These features have helped us tremendously by identifying the gaps in the existing business practices.

For what applications is the ERP used?
We’ve been using Renuka’s planner, MIS and production. Apart from these standard modules, the company has also developed additional applications for our specific requirements.

Is there anything that you do not like or can be improved about this?
The product is near-perfect, but it would help if they could improve its stability.

How easy is it to use and handle?
Renuka ERP is made for the Indian market so it was quite easy to handle. In my opinion, every printing company should consider incorporating it into their business.

Would you say that it offers value for money?
Yes, I can confidently say that it offers value for money. It scales up output quality by minimising errors and filling up the lacunae in the existing business plan. I am particularly happy with the accuracy with which it works.

Were there any difficulties experienced during the use of the ERP?
The initial learning curve that came with the implementation of ERP was the only major difficulty that we faced.

Who do you think the ERP is right for?
The Renuka ERP is tailored to fulfil the needs of small to medium-sized printing houses.

Under what circumstances would you recommend it to others?
I think of ERP as a high-yield quality improvement tool. So, I would recommend it to all companies who want to scale up and optimise their profits by streamlining the workflow.


User’s verdict

Speed  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Quality ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Reliability  ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Value for money  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 

Supplier’s response
Manish Madhusudan, managing partner, Renuka Softtec, says, “We are happy to serve Rich Offset in solving its problems. Being an Indian developer of ERP solutions, we understand the problems of Indian printers and converters better and can provide tailor-made solutions as per their requirements.Management and track and trace in a packaging and printing company are the toughest tasks due to the involvement of multiple components in the production. We are happy that the Indian industry is picking up our ERP solutions.With a rich experience of multiple years we are catering clients from different segments of the industries.”

Contact details:
Mohit Jain,
managing partner,
Renuka Softtec
Mobile: +91-9425055716