"Lead by example," says Manoj Mehta

Your father, coach, neighbour or boss. Think about the people who have inspired you in your professional or personal life; driven you to try something different, take action or reach new heights. Good chances are, they are the leaders. The significant few who ‘Lead By Example’. This is what Manoj Mehta shares with PrintWeek india's Krishna Naidu.

29 Jun 2015 | By Krishna Naidu

Like Mahatma Gandhi, for instance. Here is once in a century leader who spent his adult life committed to non-violence as a weapon against injustice that eventually led India to independence. He is, for me, a leader who set examples by practicing what he preached.

It is leaders like Mahatma Gandhi and Alexander, the Great who helped change the world because they lived by example, and, as a result, accomplished great things.

Now in a business scenario, our situation is radically different. So, look at the legendary businessman, Jack Welch of General Electric. Welch wanted to take GE to new heights for which he developed the concept of a ‘Boundary-less Organisation’. This meant that everybody was free to brainstorm and come up with ideas instead of waiting for someone ‘higher up’ in the bureaucracy to think of them and pass it down the rung. Right from a worker to a senior manager in the firm was free to discuss what they wanted or bounce-off an idea that could make GE, a better company.

As a result, GE became an incredibly successful company under his management. His team was always willing to follow him because they knew that he would keep his word.

Leading and living by example is not as easy as it sounds. But it isn’t that difficult either. If your team sees that you are also doing what you expect from them, they are likely to work hard towards achieving your goals.

Good leadership takes solid value systems, strength of character and a firm commitment to do the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. Creatively and consistently.

A few check-points from Manoj Mehta on how to be a successful leader:

Inspire everyone around you. Inspire your team. Acquire desired results.

Focus on what you want to achieve – Is it more sales? Better customer relations? Then formulate a single-minded, creative strategy to accomplish it. Perhaps like Jack Welch of GE.

Invest in knowledge. Update yourself with the latest techniques or methods. Also, equip your team with sufficient information.

Ensure that you also implement the new rules you make for your staff. For instance, if the rule is to keep the lunch hour up to 2 pm sharp, then make it a point to be at your desk by 2 pm. What they see is what they will repeat.

*Change your attitude. If you want your work environment to be positive and open to new ideas, ascertain that you also keep the energies positive, motivating and encouraging, for personal and company, growth.

Happy Leading By Example!

God Bless Print!

(Manipal Utility Packaging Solutions' Manoj Mehta is also the past president of the All india Federation of Master Printers)