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Rahim Umatia of Mumbai’s Keen Graphics says, “The back-to-back printability of the machine plus extensive print and media choices have earned client’s appreciation”

17 Oct 2017 | By Priya Raju

Describe your company...
Keen Graphic was established in 1998 by my brother Saiyad Umatia and I (Rahim Umatia). Keen offers print and marketing solutions right from design stage. We cater to clients from various backgrounds and fields to help them create impactful and meaningful branding and visibility campaigns. 
When did you invest in the HP Latex machine? 
We have constantly upgraded our shopfloor with the latest technology and machines, which has ensured that we meet up with the ever demanding client needs. As a part of our long term goal, we invested with HP Latex 1500 (10 ft wide) in November 2016.
What does the machine do?
The HP Latex 1500 has proved to be a beneficial investment for us and was among the first to be installed in the country. The machine can print on different types of media including vinyl, flex, fabric, canvas and is also effective for back to back printing. The outdoor ink life and printing resolution have been appreciated by the clients from all walks of the industry.
Why did you choose this particular machine?
We have been using HP machines and have been satisfied with its performance and the overall service levels. The printing options and media choices are extensive and can print on substrates with thickness of up to 0.4mm.
Did you look at any other similar machine?
The ability of back-to-back printing and the ability to create the day night effect is by far the best feature in this machine. Besides this, the speed and the value for money the machine offers are liked by us.
What features of the machine do you particularly like?
The ability of back-to-back printing and the ability to create the day night effect is by far the best feature in this machine. Besides this, the speed of the machine is good.
Is there anything you wish it had that it doesn’t?
This machine operates on a roll to roll basis and compulsory needs to be loaded and unloaded. We wish this machine had a free fall mechanism thus providing us the flexibility to cut mid way without unloading or reloading the media.
How fast is it?
This machine is fast enough as per our expectations and can produce an output of around 4,000 to 5,000 sq/ft per day as per the demand. 
How much time or money has it saved?
It is quite difficult to pin point on the kind of saving that the machine has offered, but it definitely offers good return on investment in terms of the speed and quality offered. 
Would you say that it offers value for money?
It definitely offers value for money within its range of machines. Our clients have been happy with the life and quality of prints produced.
What about the pre- and after-sales service?
There were some initial hiccups in service as this was one of the first machines to be installed in the country. HP India had arranged for international technicians for the installation process. Eventually, after months of post sales services, things have normalised and is manageable.
Were there any difficulties experienced during the installation or after?
There were no major issues during the installation process. And as mentioned above, HP and Global 5’s service team helped us to overcome the initial hurdles. 
Who do you think is the machine right for?
This machine is right for printers whose clientele look for a fine balance between quality, life and money.
Under what circumstances would you invest in another such machine?
Market demand and better offers from HP would be the key drivers in investing in another machine from the company.

Supplier’s response

Prashant Khomne of Global 5 Technologies says, “At Global 5 we believe in promoting green technologies like the HP Latex. We have been their selling partner for the Western region. Mumbai-based Keen Graphics was one of the first print firms in India to invest in a HP Latex 1500 wide-format machine. This machine has enabled Keen Graphics to deliver all the job campaigns in time with its ability to print roll-to-roll media; it is equipped with an inline slitter which enables quick change over of jobs. In addition, the machine has low operational costs and enables the firm to be competitive in the market. We focus on adding value to our customer by imparting continuous training and have established a knowledge centre in Mumbai for educating our customers.”

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