Me & My - GMG Bundle Pack

Tushar Dhote, the chief managing director at Dhote Offset Technokrafts swears by this software’s consistency. Priya Raju finds out the reasons behind this trust.

03 Mar 2017 | By Priya Raju

Describe your company...
Dhote Offset Technokrafts is a print solutions provider company, catering to activities from design to despatch for print merchandising. Our company is committed to providing quality print products and personalised service to our customer delight.

What does the GMG colour management bundle pack - Colorserver Inkoptimiser and GMG Colorproof software do?
Colorserver is used to profile the offset machine’s dot gain curve for various substrates of paper to achieve similar results on all of them. Inkoptimizer reduces the grey content in the cyan, magenta and yellow without compromising on the colour saturation and compensates by adding it in the black channel. This gives a crisp image with sharp tones and reduces variation in the grey areas. The GMG Colorproof syncs the digital Epson printer to the offset printed sheet to a large extent for simple colour management.

When and why did you choose this particular software?
We invested in the software in the mid of 2015 after six months of trial. And only after being fully satisfied with the product and its deliverables I opted for the software.

Did you look at any other similar software?
We did try two software similar to GMG but were not happy with the final output in the grey and neutral areas.

Why did you make the purchase?
Being a print technologist I understand the difference between sheets printed on a good press as well as the one printed on a machine which has colour management workflow installed on a machine. Trust me, there is a huge difference in terms of consistency in quality.

What features do you particularly like?
A single feature can’t be discriminated. For me all the features are excellent.

Is there anything you wish it had that it doesn’t?
If some of the complicated transparency areas are not properly dealt with, the results are not as expected. A checklist has to be properly followed. These if automated in future can be eliminated.

How fast is it?
Colour management is a practice that needs to be followed religiously each day. It does not take any additional time which affects one’s productivity. In fact, using the software decreases the downtime of the machine by effectively getting the desired result in the first few sheets.

How reliable is it?
It has proven to be very reliable in terms of matching it to our Epson printer, which produces proofs of colour output which is almost 95% close to the offset print.

How easy is it to use?
It is a very simple software. A layman with a basic intellect can learn the process within a few days. One needs to follow the process of calibration and simple instructions every week.

How much time or money has it saved?
There are savings of three types: Colour matching saves valuable make-ready time, while the Inkoptimizer saves on an average of 12-14% of ink used. Finally, it saves anti set powder to almost 50% and blanket wash up to 25%.

Were there any difficulties experienced during the installation or after?
The installation and implementation were very smooth. The after sales service is excellent and most of the problems are solved on call.

Who do you think the software is right for?
The software definitely needs to be implemented by every print companies. It will definitely upgrade their print quality to the next level on the same old equipment. The only prerequisite is a good and well-maintained machine with a proper dot gain average.

Under what circumstances would you invest in another?
Yes, I would definitely invest in any upgrades or new software which will enhance our print quality.


User’s verdict

Speed ****
Quality *****
Reliability ****
Value for money *****

Supplier’s Response
Das Damodaran, technical sales manage at Percept Print Solutions, says, “Preciseness in colour reproduction is inevitable for Dhote Offset, as the firm caters to publishing houses as well as textile fashion businesses. The GMG colour management software has streamlined the processes at Dhote, and today is at par with the best in the industry. Once they receive a file from a client, they output a certified GMG proof from Epson and get the approval from the client. After the layout is completed, the imposed file is processed through the Colorserver-Inkoptimizer’s automated workflow for specific paper types and machine. Finally, the resultant PDF is used for plate outputting”.

Das Damodaran
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