A full-featured client training centre

The cutting of the red ribbon by Carsten Knudsen, Esko’s president and CEO along with Ambar Patel, the managing director of Shilp Gravure and other Esko dignitaries marked the opening of the company’s new India office in Bengaluru on 25 March 2013.

24 Apr 2013 | By Ramu Ramanathan

There were 70 Esko team members and representatives from the parent company Danaher. The ceremony was followed by a walk-through the three storeys in the facilities.

The cornerstone of the office is a demo-cum-training centre which houses the latest XN 24 Kongsberg table on the ground-floor. During a detailed demo, it is clear this model can be configured for a range of applications from kiss-cutting to packaging mock-ups, heavy-duty milling and simple to complex flexo plate cutting with ID marking. This new system comes equipped with a milling spindle MultiCUT-HP, potentially tripling boosting overall milling productivity. Esko has notched up an impressive 60-plus installations of this product-range in India.

In addition, there is a training programme designed to enable customers to improve their knowledge of all Esko solutions – and third party software. The seminars will cover a host of subjects specially targeted to customer requirements.

This means, the Esko team is in a position to demonstrate the software solutions addressing artwork, management, design and pre-press, colour management, workflow automation and process integration – for commercial print, digital and packaging. Esko Suite 12 adds value for the user by introducing productivity and efficiency benefits. This was pointed out during a short demo; where there was an attempt to integrate all flagship tools and engines, and by showing how 3D functionality can add to a holistic experience, and by enabling mobile collaboration and web-based packaging management.

The Esko team showed off its pre-production workflow capabilities. This includes the  WebCenter 12, Automation Engine 12, Color Engine 12, Studio 12 and the version 12 editions of flagship editors ArtiosCAD, PackEdge, ArtPro and DeskPack. Suite 12 raises the bar for process integration from design to press, involving all players in the supply chain.

During his presentation to members of the trade media, Knudsen detailed Esko’s current direction following its change of ownership in 2012 and spoke of new developments. He said, “90% of the top brands use the Esko brand. Markets and customer use our products. We try to aim at helping them get the most out of our software.”

Earlier Esko was operating from a 6,000 sq/ft office in the IT city. According to Knudsen, the new facility has become a necessity as Esko’s integration development team has gained traction and one of the focus areas is to become “a main licensing centre for Esko”.

Active in India since 1996, Esko services companies such as Shilp Gravures, Numex, Veepee, Britannia, Pragati, Acuprint, ITC, Parksons, TCPL, Positive Packaging to name a few.