My Living World

Watercolours by Sita Harris is a unique show of a wide selection of paintings with an edge. All the works are at an affordable price. Donation of part of proceeds to UNICEF by the Artist.

18 Aug 2015 | By Print Week India News Desk

Category: Press Room

Date: 24 Sep 2015 - 28 Sep 2015

Venue: The Bhavan, At 4a Castletown Road


" In this collection of ‘My Living World’ Painting fruits, flowers, people, seascapes are all morsels of the life I have known around me and which continue to exist under different skies. Like a watercolour painted celluloid, catching light in a fleeting moment is my main drive, and how they interact with emotions within that flash of a moment. Sometimes seeing details which we normally don’t notice. Treatment of light and transparent washes are transformed by layers of pigment the way a flower transforms the light of the sun with layers of petals. I strive to infuse every painting with the tangible presence of light presence of light."