Expert opinion: Pack sizes amid pandemic

By 16 Oct 2020

During the pandemic we are seeing the readjustment of pack sizes by the big brands; will this re-sizing be permanent? Or it will continue to evolve? WhatPackaging? posed this question to Venu Ayyar of Metal Container Manufacturers Association of India and packaging expert Sukanta Bhattacharyya.

(L-r) MCMA's Venu Ayyar and packaging expert Sukanta Bhattacharyya

Venu Ayyar said: "Resizing will continue to evolve. Covid-19 has only taught us to keep constantly evolving."

Sukanta Bhattacharyya agreed, " Resizing will continue to evolve."

Bhattacharyya added, "As the premises are always dynamic and continuously evolving with time, it will influence consumer preference on both pack size and purchase intention as per their SSC type."

Venu Ayyar said, "People are getting used to resizing. Now post-Covid-19 consumers would expect smaller and smaller packs as families will go for single-use packs depending on different family member’s requirements."

Venu Ayyar concluded, "For example, many people, including me, used to consume paani puri, bhel etc at street stalls. But with the Covid-19, we eat all these kinds of stuff but now it is made at home. This may not change to a great extent. Eating outside food is going to be an issue post-Covid-19 too."

At WhatPackaging?, we concur. We believe that all three - flexible plastic, metal and paper-based packaging - have an important role to play in protecting food, reducing waste during transportation, storage and consumption, while helping to increase the health and well-being of people all over India.

Excerpts from the ‘Regulations on novel packaging and innovations in the packaging sector’ session at ProPak India Virtual Expo



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