Promos boost productivity with HP Latex

Okhla-based Promos recently invested in a HP Latex 1500 roll-to-roll industrial printer. The machine was supplied and installed by Insight Print Communications, an exclusive channel partner for HP Latex mid-volume machines.

12 Aug 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Vivek and Udit Kaushik of Promos with the HP Latex 1500

Insight has more than 30 installations of roll-to-roll Industrial printer pan-India. This machine offers a speed of 800-sqft/hr outdoor quality mode and 480-sqft/hr high-quality indoor mode. The HP thermal printheads maintain quality print after print with 1200-dpi resolution and auto nozzle replacement.

Promos caters to high-end brands and offers one-stop solutions for outdoor and indoor applications, product development, and merchandising displays such as POP, POS, and others. 

An expert in large format printing, and driven by technology and innovation for the last 20 years, Promos has steadily built a countrywide reputation for providing quality digital printing services to marketers, advertising firms, and others.

“Timely and flawless delivery is the hallmark of Promos. We strive for excellence in everything we do. We embrace rapidly advanced technologies to deliver the best to our customers and we found HP Latex 1500 to be an ultimate solution,” Vivek Kaushik, founder and managing director at Promos, said. 

He added: “The ink is water-based, nontoxic, and doesn’t produce any smell. We have observed in the last couple of years that brands and end consumers have been more conscious of the environmental effect. We are glad about our decision to invest in the HP Latex since we can now offer an eco-friendly printing solution to our customers.” 

The company works closely for brands in rigorous timelines. “And we cannot afford to wait long in case of a machine breakdown. We have been associated with Insight for the last 20 years and have bought almost all the equipment from them. We were looking for a reliable solution like HP Latex and a strong service partner like Insight who can be ready to support us even at the eleventh hour,” Udit Kaushik, director at Promos, added. 

The HP Latex 1500 comes with many added benefits, including inline slitters and a double-side day and night kit that enables users to print double-sided backlit applications. Unlike other technologies, it offers automatic maintenance, making life easy, saving time and money and avoiding purging of inks and wastage.

“Post-pandemic, we have seen increasing trust of HP Latex among customers since we supported them throughout the pandemic. There were fewer breakdowns, blockage of heads and it was easy to maintain. While others were struggling to make their machine up and running, HP Latex users were ready to kickstart,” Naveen Narad, GM, sales at Insight Print Communications, said.