AIFMP's action plan in Pamex year

By 22 Apr 2015

The All India Federation of Master Printers Association (AIFMP), is attempting to expand its reach by initiating "actions of representations". This action is being planned along side Pamex 2015 in Mumbai.

According to Anand Limaye, the honourable general secretary of AIFMP, "Our primary focus has been to stand against the age-old Press Act of India which is affecting the printing fraternity adversely because of the onus of the content of the books or material printed at their respective presses."
Limaye added, "The AIFMP is also in the process of lodging a complaint with the competent authorities and submitting an application to intervene the complaint lodged by the Sivakasi Master Printers Association (SMPA). This complaint is in regards to the SMPA's complaint towards the frequent and constant increase in the paper prices."
To support this, the AIFMP has requested printers to send paper prices alongwith the increase in cost for the last three years.
The Federation is in the process of implementing Crisil to develop printing cost indexes to favour the ever growing competition of costs in the printing industry.
Finally, the AIFMP has undertaken an ambitious project of pan India data collection. This project will help to bring maximum printers under the umbrella of the association.
Meanwhile the AIFMP is hosting its first core group committee meeting in Mumbai on 23 April. The core group will be addressed by Anil Arora, the president of Print-Packaging.comand Tushar Dhote, the co-chairman, Pamex Organising Committee. After which there will be a discussion about Pamex promotion, international exhibition and outreach program.






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