Top five branding strategies you must not miss

By 14 Jul 2021

For stronger and more effective branding, an entrepreneur must consider the following five factors. When it comes to branding, entrepreneurs and startups place a lot of importance on the logo and slogan, which is understandable, but you must remember that a logo is simply a sign of the product, but a brand is the public impression of the product.

Manoj Kumar, senior art director and CEO, Dot n Pixel

A silent product, no matter how good it is, will not be able to exist unless it can stand out from the throng. Any company plan must include the creation of a brand identity for your product or service. A strong and distinct brand strategy will aid in the development of your company's identity.

Here are five crucial aspects of effective branding:

Messaging: When it comes to brand design, one of your first deliverables should be messaging. Clearly and straightforwardly, well-defined messaging will convey your product or service to your target customer and differentiate you from the competition. Any product's fundamental feature is its utility to people, and your message should be able to convey precisely that. Decide where it would be most beneficial to concentrate your efforts and make it public.

Focus on Your Target Audience: Identify and focus your effort on your target audience to trim out your potential customers. You must take actions in advance to stabilize and formulate your business for repetitive sales by actively processing feedbacks and reviews. Carrying out research is also essential. Researching what other competitor brands do can give you creative and strategic insights to help you set yourself apart from the crowd. This helps you learn how your audience responds to specific business tactics and keeps you ahead of your competitors. Be inspired but don’t copy when setting yourself apart from the crowd of competitors.

Be consistent: “Consistency is the cornerstone of effective promotion.” Branding initiatives must be carried out throughout all aspects of your organisation, including marketing and sales, to boost brand awareness and confidence. To grow a brand, it is necessary to produce and promote high-quality content as well as customer outreach regularly. When you process comments and reviews, you may turn your consumers into mini-marketers who will tell others about their positive experiences. This procedure aids in the identification of future clients as well as their retention.

Brand standardisation is essential for business growth: Every business manager strives for exponential growth. It is a cooperative effort comprised of numerous talented individuals who are devoted in their efforts, not one individual's perseverance. Enlist your team in the bigger objective of your company to empower them. Set clear guidelines for how your brand should appear and communicate. Introduce team members to new branding tools and empower them to help you accomplish and build your brand plan.

Spend the money on quality pieces: To generate a fantastic first impression, the brand design, logo, profile, website, and all other initial contact points should be well-designed. From sight identification, your branding will tell your consumers and future customers who you are. Hire a designer that is familiar with your brand and is willing to put up genuine effort to bring it to life. Make a branding persona to help you describe the personality and character you want your target customers to associate with your company.

(Manoj Kumar, is the senior art director and CEO of Dot n Pixel, having 18 years of experience in the field of advertising. The company’s expertise includes areas such as branding, packaging design, digital marketing, photography, corporate video production, brand strategy, and communication design, to name a few.)



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