Me & My: Rapid RI JC 1100 PCW folder-gluer

By 17 Feb 2020

S Saleem, managing director, Ultrakote explains to Rahul Kumar how the Rapid RI JC 1100 PCW folder-gluer from Robus India has helped the company

(l-r) S Malik and S Saleem of Ultrakote

Q: Please describe your company.
A:Chennai-based Ultrakote manufactures UV and non-UV mono cartons. Established in 2009, we have two plants in Chennai, one in Mylapore and the other in Manali New Town. The folder-gluer has been installed at the new 40,000-sqft unit located in Manali. We produce mono cartons and corrugated (E&F) cartons for pharma, mobile, cosmetics, textiles and other segments and convert around 50 tonnes of substrates per month. 

Q: When did you start using the Rapid RI JC 1100 PCW folder-gluer? 
A:We installed it last year and have been using it since. 

Q: What are the properties of the machine you like? 
A:There are many, including sturdiness of the product, use of latest technology, delivery conveyor up/down system and economic viability in this highly competitive market.

Q: Why did you decide to invest in the Rapid RI JC 1100 PCW? 
A:We visited customers who were already using Robus India’s folder-gluers and examined the machine at work. We decided to buy the machine after seeing the machine at running on the site.

Q: Did you look at other similar folder-gluers? 
A:Yes. We evaluated other folder-gluer manufacturing companies, in India and China too, but finally zeroed in on Robus India.

Q: What are the features that tilted the decision in favour of this machine? 
A:Robus says that its highest speed is 450-m/min and we have achieved lock-bottom cartons at 350-m/min on the installed machine. The speed varies according to applications, but the speed is really fast with precision. We are hopeful to achieve the given speed on the day we require to run the machine at 400-m/min with lock bottom.

Q: How has the machine helped you in your print production?
A:Conversion of the final product at fast speed is always helpful because many of printers have fast-speed printing presses but not finishing equipment, thus facing bottleneck during finishing. With this machine, we can convert cartons at a fast pace and in a smooth operation. High speed with precision also reduces your turnaround time. 

Q: For what applications do you use the folder-gluer? 
A:We use it to fold and glue mono cartons and fluted cartons especially UV mono cartons. 

Q: Is there anything that you do not like or can be improved about this? Did you have any issue with the machine and its implementation? 
A:No. Nothing at the moment.

Q: If there’s a critical job, would you rely on this to see it through? 
A:Yes, of course, we can rely on it. 

Q: What’s the quality like? 
A:Final products come out with excellent finishing. We, and our customers, are happy with the machine’s ability to deliver quality finish. 

Q: How easy is it to use? 
A:It is a user-friendly machine without much complication.

Q: Would you say that it offers value for money?  
A:Yes, it is very much value for money. It’s worth a buy. We have faced no hindrance until now. 

Q: Were there any difficulties while operating the folder-gluer? 
A: No, we didn’t face any difficulty during and after the installation. 

Q: Under what circumstances would you recommend it to others? 
A: It is a folder-gluer equipped with latest technology and it is worth an investment. Anyone looking to invest in an economical folder-gluer with good after-sales service can go for the Robus folder-gluer.


User’s verdict    
Speed                    * * * * *
Quality                   * * * * *
Reliability             * * * * *
Value for money     * * * * *

Supplier’s response 
Prem Vishwakarma, director, Robus India, says, “Robus India provides folder-gluers and 600-tonne high pressure die-cutting, automatic film lamination, three and five flute lamination and tape applicator equipment with quality parameters at economic cost, especially suited for Indian market.

Our folder-gluers are capable enough to do Braille with modified female tool, inline inspection, four- and six-corner, clamping device, lock bottom cartons at 400-m/min with Rapid Wave technology and at 450-m/min for side-pasting cartons.

Ultrakote was looking for an automatic machine, equipped with latest technology which is also economically viable to produce cartons faster and with precision. With the Robus machine, Ultrakote has achieved lock-bottom cartons at 350-m/min speed for its products.”

Contact Details:
Prem Vishwakarma
Director, Robus India
Mobile: +91 83780 98444


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