SME Printing Company of the Year: Progressive Printing Press

02 November 2017

The idea behind introducing this category was to find a hitherto below-the-radar printing firm doing commendable work.

We have been reasonably successful in our quest, and this year, we have a new name — Surat-based Progressive Printing Press.

The company’s fixed assets have increased by 56.44%, while it registered gross sales of Rs 182.41 lakh. Progressive’s balance sheet reflects an increase in total net worth by 8.25% and fixed assets as a percentage of sales have increased by 10.92% for the year 2016-17. All this with a healthy current ratio.
On the management side, Progressive is perhaps the only leading commercial print company in India which has installed three new presses in such a short time to replace all pre-owned presses at the plant, thus overhauling its press operations with three new Ryobi presses. “There were two major reasons why we replaced the old presses – quick delivery and consistency of quality,” explained Asgar Sanchawala of Progressive Printing Press to PrintWeek India.
Since 1998, Progressive has worked to develop a strong reputation for itself in the Surat’s print industry, specialising in brochures and catalogue printing. “In today’s competitive print market, quality is most important and to have an edge over competitors, better colours can make the difference,” said Sanchawala. Indeed.
Progressive Printing Press (Surat)
Tel: +91 9227926245 | asgar.progressive@gmail.com


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