NPES is now Association for Print Technologies

23 January 2018

USA-based NPES, the Association for Suppliers of Printing, Publishing and Converting Technologies who hosted the recently concluded Print Business Outlook Conference India in December announced a name change to become the Association for Print Technologies (APT).


The rebranding is said to be a nod to the association’s flagship annual event ‘PRINT’ with this year being its 50th edition.

“This rebrand of the organisation signals a significant turning point, not just for our association, but for the entire printing and imaging industry,” said Thayer Long, president, APT. “The convergence in our industry is essentially in the rearview mirror. Now, as our new name more clearly expresses, our broader scope and direction are focused on greater alignment among the commercial printing and imaging value chain. This ‘next phase’ must happen in order for all stakeholders to benefit.”

The association’s new ‘Community & Industry Development’ Department will be led by industry veterans Ken Garner, as VP of business development and industry relations (formerly of Idealliance and NAPL), and Julie Shaffer, as associate VP of program and community development (formerly of Idealliance and PIA).

“To drive the industry forward for decades to come, our board made the decision to evolve and reposition the organisation. Our new identity, as the Association for Print Technologies, reflects the way forward,” said Mark Hischar, APT chairman and president and CEO, KBA-North America.

The association also said that ‘a new strategy is also being launched for the signature annual industry event.’

In 2017, ‘PRINT’ the association claims was the largest North American show by the number of visitors which it also said is 100% non-profit and vendor-owned and exclusively produced by the Association for Print Technologies

The association’s new website, www.PrintTechnologies.org, is expected to be launched in spring 2018.

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