Heidelberg showcases its integrated solutions to Delhi printers

21 July 2015

The German sheetfed offset press manufacturer, Heidelberg, wants to capture the growing print packaging market in India. It wants to be the one-stop solution for all the packaging needs of a customer, and wants to offer integrated solutions for the entire value chain in packaging printing.

The latest step in this direction is the company’s collaboration with China’s MK Masterworks machinery, which offers a range of post-press equipment.
To offer a glimpse of the Heidelberg solutions, the company organised a knowledge seminar, titled Print, Pack, Fold, in collaboration with its technology partner MK Masterwork Machinery, in Delhi on 20 July 2015. Similar events are being organised in Mumbai on 22 July and in Bangalore on 24 July.
The event, attended by local print fraternity, focused on three things; solutions for productivity and quality control, pharma folding, and solutions for UV.
“For quality and productivity control, the company has introduced software solutions, such as Intellistart, which is process-oriented and facilitates automated job changes, Prinect press centre, Printect axis control, and instant start UV, which helps reduce the time taken for blanket wash from 10-12 minutes to 2-3 minutes. That's a reduction of 8-9 minutes per wash,” said Udo Fiebiger, regional business manager, Heidelberg Asia Pasific.
Focusing on the need for optimum quality and reliability for short to medium runs in pharma folding, Mark Christian Hogan, director, Heidelberg graphic equipment, said the new Promatrix 106 CS die-cutter and the new Diana Smart folding carton gluing machines from MK Masterwork, which Heidelberg is selling in India, will help pharma converters ease their work.
The Promatrix 106 CS die-cutter for short- and medium-production volumes can performs die-cutting and embossing at a speed of 8000 sheets per hour. It is aimed at manufacturers of folding cartons in short to medium runs and also for commercial print shops that occasionally produce packaging.
During his presentation, Michael Gao from MK Masterwork, talked about the joint venture between Heidelberg and MK Masterwork Machinery. Promatrix and Diana Smart are results of the partnership agreement. He said MK will work on further advances in the die-cutting and folding carton gluing technologies and products developed by Heidelberg in recent years and incorporate these in new products in the future.
Thomas Gohl, sales manager for Asia Pasific, IST Metz, a leading UV supplier from Germany, said, “There are different kind of UV technologies available and it is overwhelming for customers to select one which is right for his job. Therefore, it is important to be educated on the usage of appropriate UV technology.”
In his presentation, Gohl discussed new developments, energy-saving benefits of UV technology and three different types of UV technology UV LED, low energy UV, and full UV. UV LED, with a benefit of instant on and off, is suitable for temperature substrate. Low energy with immediate drying facilitates no colour changes through absorption process.
Gohl said IST has developed a range of low-energy UV drying systems that can enable printers to cut back on power consumption for UV systems by upwards of 35% and at the same time increase productivity by dramatically reducing drying times.
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