Alia's Nitin Apte emphasises on importance of proofing

28 November 2013

Speaking at the PrintWeek India Epson roadshow in Mumbai on 28 November, Nitin Apte, technical head at Mumbai-based Alia, explained the need and significance of proofing.

"Today, brands are becoming more aggressive and designs more complicated. Brands desire faster concept to consumer delivery," said Apte.
Explaining the need for proofing, Apte added, "A concrete presentation of abstract concept needs to be proven and proofing is the solution. It instills confidence in the process by displaying the capabilities of the process."
According to Apte, one must go for proofing at a later stage of product development when there is still some scope for changes to be implemented. He focused on two aspects of proofing that need to be taken care of for consistent results: standardisation and tolerances.
"Proofing as a process requires standardisation across processes of printing, print tool making, imaging, imaging processing, and proofing. The colour management process should begin from the press and integrate backwards," said Apte.
Alia uses Epson Stylus Pro WT7900 for its proofing requirements. In his concluding comments, Apte said, "Earlier proof displayed the possibility of print, today we have come to a stage where proof is equivalent to print certainty."
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