Indian entrepreneur bags Nigeria’s coveted honour

An Indian printing and packaging technologist, Kanday Venkateswarlu, hailing from Ongole, Andhra Pradesh, has bagged Honorary Chief, an award given by Anambra State Government to its nationals in Nigeria besides those from other countries.

03 Jan 2024 | 13012 Views | By D Nagarjuna

Equivalent to Padmashri in India, the award is given to foreign nationals in recognition of their contribution to the progress of Nigeria. Traditional Chieftaincy titles in Nigeria are awarded based on merit, community service, leadership qualities and contributions to the development of the community. 

Nigerian Chieftaincy is the chieftaincy system that is native to Nigeria. Consisting of everything from the country’s monarchs to its titled family elders, the chieftaincy, as a whole, is one of the oldest continuously existing institutions in Nigeria and is legally recognised by its government. 

According to the locals there, Venkateswarlu is one of the only three Indians in the last 52 years among foreigners who have been selected for this coveted award.

Kanday Venkateswarlu graduated from the Government Institute of Printing Technology, Secunderabad in 2004. With the diploma in his hand, he went to Dubai. After working there for two years, he returned to India as he secured a job in the Reserve Bank of India currency printing press. 

Though a secure and permanent job, he was not enthused, and in a couple of years, in 2008, he was selected as manager of a reputed printing press in Nigeria. It was during his tenure here that he could sense a bounty of opportunities for his career growth. At the same time, he was not happy about not being able to catch up with the packaging industry requirements within the country. 

In 2010, he returned to Dubai, this time joining a bigger and more reputed organisation as a manager. From there, he started supplying and meeting the huge demand for packaging products the African countries needed desperately. In a short period, he became the most trustworthy supplier of printed packaging products not only for Nigeria but the remaining 25 countries of the entire African region. He left his signature in meeting the ever-increasing demand for printing and packaging that these countries looked forward to. 

In 2021, he established his own company, Fortune Pack in Dubai, specialising in label manufacturing and exporting billions of them to all these countries. 

It is in recognition of his yeoman service for the last 13 years that Anambra State government gave away the award in Omor on 16 December 2023. 

Venkateswarlu is a foreign national in furthering the economic prosperity of Nigeria through his skill, talent and marketing abilities. He received the award from His Royal Highness Igwe Dr Chris Chidume Oranu. 

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