Print History

By Murali Ranganathan 24 September 2021

The story of a printing museum set up by a regional newspaper in Greece which celebrates the ancient tradition of writing and typography

By Murali Ranganathan 18 August 2021

The amazing journey of a Canadian print company from refurbishing printing presses to establishing a world-class printing museum

By Murali Ranganathan 14 July 2021

How does one build a world-class printing museum from scratch? For the answer, look no further than the story of The Museum of Printing. It ...

By Murali Ranganathan 30 June 2021

How does a printing press make the long journey from being the leading publishing house in the sixteenth century to a world heritage museum ...

By Murali Ranganathan 15 June 2021

The printing history series in PrintWeek enters its seventh year with this anniversary issue. One of the objectives of this series is to evo...

By Murali Ranganathan 16 April 2021

Jatindra Kumar Nayak has played a prominent role in a variety of literary and educational institutions in the state of Odisha and his transl...

By Murali Ranganathan 01 April 2021

Large parts of Africa and Asia share a common experience of colonization, exploitation and impoverishment. They also share histories of prin...

By Murali Ranganathan 23 February 2021

An exciting new generation of print historians has emerged as we enter the third decade of the twenty-first century. Bristling with new idea...

By Murali Ranganathan 29 January 2021

Traversing the overlapping print worlds of Portuguese, Konkani and English, Rochelle Pinto has been studying how colonialism and its afterma...

By Murali Ranganathan 16 October 2020

How a librarian from pre-independence India recast himself as print historian

By Murali Ranganathan 23 September 2020

How a career in type design led to the making of a type historian

By Murali Ranganathan 29 July 2020

Print may have reached the shores of India accidentally in 1556 (the original destination of the printing press was Ethiopia); it may have h...

By Murali Ranganathan 12 May 2017

Printing came to Bombay in 1674 at the initiative of an Indian businessman. A hundred years later, the city had its commercial printing pres...

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