Murali Ranganathan

By Murali Ranganathan 27 November 2021

Which print anniversary should Indians celebrate? There are many dates and years which could be considered but the options need to be evalua...

By Murali Ranganathan 30 June 2021

How does a printing press make the long journey from being the leading publishing house in the sixteenth century to a world heritage museum ...

By Murali Ranganathan 16 April 2021

Jatindra Kumar Nayak has played a prominent role in a variety of literary and educational institutions in the state of Odisha and his transl...

By Murali Ranganathan 01 April 2021

Large parts of Africa and Asia share a common experience of colonization, exploitation and impoverishment. They also share histories of prin...

By Murali Ranganathan 23 September 2020

How a career in type design led to the making of a type historian

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