EFI Fiery

By Sujith Ail 11 August 2017

Balaji Digital is a New Delhi-based company and has a 1,000 sq/ft facility with a workforce of 10 people. B Shyam Babu, proprietor, Balaji D...

By Rahul Kumar 25 May 2017

Himanshu Pandey says Fiery is the brain which controls the entire digital print production at Avantika. A report by Rahul Kumar.

By PrintWeek India 27 April 2017

Shilp Art is one of the biggest printing set-ups in Surat. Established in 1978 with one treadle machine and a staff of four to five, today, ...

By Sriraam Selvam 03 November 2016

Fremont-based Electronics for Imaging (EFI) announced its results for the third quarter of 2016.

By Rushikesh Aravkar 14 October 2016

As the need for digital print firms to differentiate becomes obvious, the Fiery DFE proves to be an enabler, finds out Rushikesh Aravkar.

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