Mugdha Gangoli

By Mugdha Gangoli, 19 Sep 2015

Located in Bhiwandi, Quality on Time Packaging (QoT) is a new name in packaging printing. Its parent company, Print Services, is an old-time...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 05 Sep 2015

One nation, 14 states, 61 editions, one newspaper - Dainik Bhaskar. Mugdha Gangoli spends time on the shopfloor in Bhopal where the flagship...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 11 Aug 2015

D B Corp (Dainik Bhaskar Group) has successfully completed its roll-out in Bihar. The publication launched the Muzaffarpur edition on 8 Augu...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 29 Jul 2015

On the heels of Prime Minister’s ‘Make-in-India’ initiative, the Maharashtra government has launched a ‘Make-in-Mah...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 24 Jul 2015

Year of Kongsberg installation: 2010

By Mugdha Gangoli, 24 Jul 2015

Company Name: ITC

By Mugdha Gangoli, 24 Jul 2015

Company Name: Colourmate Digital

By Mugdha Gangoli, 24 Jul 2015

Company Name: Jayna Packaging

By Mugdha Gangoli, 24 Jul 2015

Company Name: Parksons Packaging

By Mugdha Gangoli, 13 Jul 2015

Luxury brands have an unrivalled opportunity and challenge. With the improving economy, people are not only raising their standard of living...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 06 Jun 2015

Khushru Patel, managing director, Jak Printers, has been honoured with the prestigious Indo-Nepal Sadbhavana Award as a part of Global Achie...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 06 Jun 2015

Quality on Time Packaging (QoT), a new name in packaging printing, is the daughter company of Print Services. The parent group is an old-tim...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 04 Jun 2015

Jammu-based Sethi Art Printers has extended its print portfolio by adding a digital arm to its offset print business. The firm recently inst...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 02 Jun 2015

The Bhargavas have a longish legacy in commercial print. The family welcomes its sixth-generation to the print business. With ink imprinted ...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 26 May 2015

Award trophies, medals and certificates exemplify Jak Printers. The 30-year old company has won around 282 national and 22 international awa...

By Mugdha Gangoli, 19 May 2015

Kiran Prayagi rewinds through 40 years of print memory, and doffs his hat to the seven best printing presses in Mumbai

By Mugdha Gangoli, 11 May 2015

The colour guru, Kiran Prayagi, regales his 40-year journey with PrintWeek India and inks his seven best memories of the print world.

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