Delhi's True Graphics makes inroads into automobile decals

By 02 Jun 2017

New Delhi-based True Graphics & Ads has added a third Grafica Camshell screen printing kit of size 30x40-inches to meet the growing demand of automobile decals.

(l) Garg: “We have achieved a growth of 25% year-on-year"

True Graphics & Ads is a manufacturer and supplier of automobile decals under the brand name AutoStick.

With their experience in auto parts manufacturing, the company diversified into automobile decal printing in 1999, an opportunity that emerged from the growing automobile industry. Ravi Garg who is the proprietor of the company’s 8,900sq/ft manufacturing unit recalls how he diversified into decal manufacturing. “We have been in the business of auto parts since 1994. The idea for decal printing came from one of our valued customers who suggested that we manufacture auto decals. We tried it once and never turned back,” he said.

Garg added, “We have achieved a growth of 25% year-on-year in line with the growth of the automobile industry.”

Garg identifies the trends for auto decals which are deployed for “enhancement of the look”. He said, “As decal manufacturers we have to make designs that are according to the current trends. Every time a new product gets launched in the automobile sector we have to be ready with a new design, especially for two-wheelers. The trends change as per market region and segment. We create designs for decals in-house. Our designs keep changing in the production range of 10,000 to one lakh print runs.”

Automobile decals require good outdoor life which can only be met with the inks used for screen printing. Garg concluded, “Also with screen printing we can provide value-addition such as glow in dark and glitter, besides special colours and gradient printing. With screen printing, we can achieve the depth of colour with vibrancy.”



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