What is upsetting print's P&L? - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

By 23 Jun 2018

As per a representation by a printer body, there’s a 25% hike in the cost of input materials. Since January 2018, the cost of US dollar has risen to Rs 68. “There are number of things which increase the cost – oil prices, pulp prices, and a rising dollar increases the cost further,” says Narendra Paruchuri of Pragati Offset.

In this Sunday Column, we find out what print desires under the rising dollar



Narendra Paruchuri: "We are printers and not central bank to absorb any cost" 
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Aaditya Kashyap: "Tag raw material pricing to global dollar prices" 
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Amit Shah: "Any abrupt rise brings in uncertainty" 
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B Prasad: "Price re-negotiation happens with the last mile contractor like us" 
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Dev Nair: "Customers know of the surge and squeeze, but pretend to be unaware" 
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Iqbal Kherodwala: "Offering alternatives wherever possible is a way to retain clients" 
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Vijay Adlakha: "Print business is capital intensive; hence inflation will increase the cost of borrow money" 
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Kamal Chopra: "It is becoming hard to run a printing unit now, especially the packaging" 
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Hemal Mehta: "This is just a phase, what is necessary will always get printed, hike in price or not" 
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MN Pandey: "To absorb the effect, we will figure out ways, distribute the cost at various places" 
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V Ramesh: "Customers compare quotes, so we need to be more competitive to retain business" 
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GN Visvakumar: "The hike will dent the already low profitability of the printers" 
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Manish Desai: "This situation will not last for long, so we have started reducing our inventory" 
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Ashish Pradhan: "Currency fluctuation has impacted us by 6%" 
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KS Murthy: "It’s beyond our capacity to absorb volatility any more" 
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Ranesh Bajaj: "Yes, companies will absorb this price increase. It’s not a new thing for our industry" 
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Harsh Gupta: "Every company has the responsibility to remain profitable in order to grow" 
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CP Paul: "I think necessity is the mother of all inventions" 
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Sangam Khanna: "The bigger issue is the impact on the end-user which will lead to lower spends" 
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Sonal Sheth: "Today, survival is the name of the game" 
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Kaushil Shah: "People working on very low margins will have to shut the shop" 
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Raju Suneja: "We do not see a major change in the near-term future" 
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Giridharan S: "No option but to go with a price increase again" 
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Sagar Java: "One may have to selectively support certain businesses for strategic reasons" 
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Prashant Atre: "A strong dollar will hurt us more as we import more than export" 
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