The seven wonders of Provin Technos

By 01 Aug 2019

For the last seven years, Provin Technos has been bringing latest technologies to the Indian printing industry. The company offers the latest in sheetfed, narrow-web offset/ digital and LED UV curing systems, helping printers in becoming more efficient and profitable. Vinay Kaushal of Provin Technos shares the highlights of the last seven years with Rahul Kumar

2019: The new company Technoroll-Provin India is announced

How would you rate the success of Provin Technos in the last seven years?
There are two parameters. One is ‘to succeed’ and the other is ‘to succeed and live up to the expectations of your stakeholders (business partners, customers and our team)’. For us, the first one has no meaning. We are happy that we have been able to fulfil the expectations of our business associates and partners to a great extent. A lot more has to be done though. 

Was there anything you could have done differently? 
Not differently to be precise, but my view for service has been evolving all the time. We have been making corrections to our service approach with changing times.

2012: Provin Technos starts representing MHI-PPM     

Seven things you learnt in the last seven years?
1. Be ethical and true to all. This will bring rewards in the long run. 
2. Development of team members is the key to the growth of your company. When they grow (financially, knowledge-wise), they will do wonderful things. 
3. Be systematic and organised. This is something I keep learning from the Japanese and can tell you that with this I have added at least 25% of my working time without adding extra hours in my daily routine. 
4. Our work starts with the customer and ends with customer. So we do have to take good care of them. 
5. There is no fixed formula or way to move forward. Changes are happening and happening very fast. Keep your eyes and ears open to catch the signals.
6. What you give to the society is more important than what it gives you. Be a good human being and give your best to the society. Being wealthy is not about having more money. 
7. Last, but most important is, the world moves on and it does not wait for anyone. So take good care of yourself, family, and near ones. Take out time for yourself. It’s important. Follow your hobby. 

Where do you see the industry going in the next seven years? 
Drupa 2020 is round the corner and hopefully we will see some real developments in digital segments. Last three to four years have been very difficult for the Indian print industry and everyone is hoping to come out of this. A big jump for the Indian market is long due. On the offset front, there will be some significant developments and presentations coming up making operations more efficient and viable with changing market conditions. We see significant changes in the next five-seven years. 

 2013: Develops a strong service support system 

ProvinTechnos’ plans for the next seven years? 
We have already gone into two of our major projects this year – setting up of the Miyakoshi demo centre and the launch of a joint venture company with Technoroll, Japan for manufacturing high-quality rollers in India. Our focus will remain on our existing products, plus these two projects.

                                                                             2017: Completes five years                                                          

The power of Provin

Backed by a best-in-industry service team comprising 35 qualified product engineers placed across India in New Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Chennai, Bengaluru, Sivakasi and Kolkata, with spare parts store at its headquarters in New Delhi, Provin provides round-the-clock support to more than 700 customers across India and surrounding countries. This has led to the installation of 75 new offset presses in seven years.

2017: Introduces multiwave LED UV lamps

The company is the pan-India representative for Ryobi MHI Graphic technology (RMGT) sheetfed offset printing presses; Miyakoshi Printing Machinery, includes a range of narrow-web rotary, digital label presses (MJP 13LX-UV) and semi-rotary offset printing presses; China-based UV Energy for UV and multiwave LED-UV curing systems; Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems for heatset web offset printing presses and engine for paper guillotine knives.




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