The Millennial Mantra: Shreya Rai

By 24 Jun 2020

Shreya Rai works as a purchase executive at Flamingo Pharmaceuticals. She tells Charmiane Alexander what she likes about print and packaging

Shreya Rai of Flamingo Pharmaceuticals

Q: One-way print can change the world?
3D printing for medical use especially in making replicas of organs or 3D printing in combination with nanotechnology materials.

Q: What’s your best childhood memory about reading in a library?
My teachers asked us to read books on academic subjects and my friends and I used to hide Panchatantra books (fiction books) and read it.

Q: What smartphone feature would you actually be excited for a company to implement?
Augmented reality in the FMCG sector in order to educate consumers about packaging.

Q: How can digital printing help in boosting creativity and consumer connection through packaging?
Digital printing plays a vital role in customisation which helps the brands to connect the consumer with the product very easily. It helps the manufacturer to get exactly what they want at the press of a button with minimal wastages.

Q: Social media has become the newest way of promoting packaging innovations or learning about the newest trends in packaging. Why?
As the brand itself connects to people one-to-one within a public forum along with the resonating content, which is easily available in social media where people spend the majority of their time.

Q: Which is the most innovative packaging that you have come across?
An eco-box, shipping-safe corrugated box without any padding or outer box in a sealed bag of any detergent along with a drip off tap for easy access to the detergent. It reduces the usage of secondary box.

Q: Which scientist or technologist would you want to travel with on a long flight?
Chuck Hull, the CEO of 3D Systems.



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