Swapnil Sansare: We have installed more than 500 3D printing machines

By 16 May 2018

In the rapid fire series, PrintWeek India asks eleven questions to Swapnil Sansare CEO and founder, Divide By Zero Technologies, Mumbai. It is a desktop 3D printing machine manufacturer company.

3D printing in brief.
3D printing is a process by which 3D objects are constructed by successively depositing material in layers such that it becomes a predesigned shape.
What is the trait you most deplore in your industry?
Some people in this small community are misleading the customers, as the technology is still at a nascent stage.
Which living print person do you most admire? Why?
Chuck Hull, the inventor of stereolithography. 
The current fact file of your company?
We achieved approx Rs 2.1 crore in the last financial year wherein we have 20 employees. We have installed more than 500 machines all over the India and world.
Which words or phrases or jargon you overuse?
Being proactive, form the broken link, additive manufacturing, win-win situation. 
What is the quality you most like in an employee?
Rising from your failure.
What is the quality you seek when you hire?
Attitude and ability to learn new things every day with dedication.
When and which project made you the happiest?
When we successfully printed PEEK material with the mechanical properties of aluminium.
One work blunder you made?
Due to miscommunication from our end, parts of two clients got interchanged which caused a huge chaos.
What is the trickiest part that you have had to print?
Automotive outside rear view mirror with snap-fits. We did it with our patented technology AFPM. 
One job you wish you had printed?
An aerospace component for ISRO.
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