Product of the month: ITC Safire Graphik Duo

By 17 Jun 2019

This new art board from ITC’s stable combines strength and beauty with a finish that is equal on both sides, says SN Venkataraman, the divisional head-marketing, ITC PSPD

What is it?
ITC’s Safire Graphik Duo is the next-gen artboard with superior strength and printability. It provides an identical print on both sides with perfect colour reproduction.

When was it launched and what are the target markets?
The Safire Graphik Duo was launched in January 2019. The board covers a vast market for graphics applications, advertising cards, brochures, personal care, luxury tags/inserts, book covers, garment tags, photo cards, luggage tags, travel tickets, magazines, souvenirs, calendars, greeting cards and game cards.

How is it made and to what standards?
Safire Graphik Duo is a three-layered virgin pulp board with double coating on either side, thus giving the board a good surface finish with pristine print reproduction.

Tell us about the plant where this paper is manufactured?
The board is made on the country’s latest and most advanced paper machine from unit Bhadrachalam, a CII Greenco Platinum rated unit and can be supplied with FSC certification.

How is the surface finish?
Safire Graphik Duo comes with an excellent uniform surface finish suitable for printing incredible graphics. Its whiteness and silky texture make a brand outshine the competition by creating impactful communication.

How is this paper different from other ITC papers?
ITC’s Safire Graphik Duo offers a combination of high bulk and stiffness making it stronger than any other artboard with its unique shade and elegant finish.

What is its USP?
Three unique propositions: best-in-class bulk and printability; import substitution; and the right mix of strength and aesthetics with its unique shade delivers superior value to the customer. The graphic arts industry can now choose Safire Graphik Duo and eliminate import dependency and reduce carbon footprint and cost.

What are the lead times?
Standard SKUs can be provided from the readily available stock at the dealers. Other orders would be supplied within 30 days ensuring a reliable supply.


1. Grammage: 200-300 gsm
2. Whiteness: 116 ± 4%
3. Opacity: 100%
4. Smoothness: 1.5 µm max (on both sides)




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