Private View: Beardo Godfather Beard

By 22 May 2020

Beardo Godfather Beard has a cylindrical bottle with flip-top cap and a sticker paper label

Beena Dharod, assistant general manager for packaging and production, Topps India Sports and Entertainment Company​

The product is packed in a 100ml HDPE (high-density polyethylene) bottle with a flip-top cap.

The bottle consists of a pressure sensitive sticker paper label, which is printed with clear graphics. It is embossed in certain key areas to highlight the product category.

But, the font size of the text on the label is quite small, which can be enlarged to a certain extent.

As such the bottle is quite a simple one; it stands out on the shelf due to its red and black design.

However, the pack can be improvised by adding a tamper evident feature- shrink sleeve or locking mechanism by means of an induction seal.


Sujit Ghumkar, packaging technologist

This is a fantastically effective male grooming product, which looks apt for daily usage. The label as a route for decoration is an excellent choice to enhance the product appearance.

The embossed effect provided on the logo gives the necessary character to the product and does complete justice to the artwork.

One scope of improvement is that the product packaging could have been more distinctive. An oval shaped black colour bottle with a matt surface could have been selected instead of a cylindrical transparent PET (polyethylene terephthalate) bottle.

In addition, the present shape of the bottle poses a slight challenge for the consumer to dispense the product when the bottle is near to empty.




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