Me and My: Stiffener range of paper from Trident

By 24 Mar 2020

Manish Shah, chairman, Arihant Flexi Pack discusses the many benefits of this paper, which Trident Paper manufactures out of wheat straw, with Rahul Kumar

Shah: “We use the Stiffener paper to develop soap wrappers”

Please describe your company.
Mumbai-based Arihant Flexi Pack is an integrated and reputed flexible packaging company with its manufacturing unit at Dadra. Promoted by Manish Shah, with more than three decades of experience, it is a leading converter of all types of paperboards and manufacturer of printed packaging wrappers. The company’s BRCGS-certified unit is equipped with hi-tech machinery managed by skilled professionals.

When did you start using the Stiffener range of paper?
We have been using Trident paper from 2013. The grammage range varies from 90- to 150-gsm. We were among the very first customers of Trident for Stiffener. Since then, our relationship with the Trident Paper has only grown.

What are the properties of the paper you like?
You all will be surprised to know that by making paper out of wheat straw, an agro residue, Trident saves more than 1.5-million trees every year. Besides, the tolerance limit for grammage maintained by Trident in all its products is 2%, which makes it one of the market leaders in the segment. Uniform shade consistency, excellent machine runability and product finishing are some of the other USPs.

Why did you decide to use this paper?
To cater the ever-evolving needs of FMCG companies in the field of flexible packaging, it is important to be associated with a brand that delivers to its promise and works towards quality and technological enhancements. With minimal rejection during paper usage and maximum utilisation with best product finishing, Trident’s Stiffener range of paper has delivered the best output for our requirements.

Did you look at other similar products?
Being an old player in the industry, we did evaluate other products available in the market but zeroed in on the Stiffener range.

What are the features that tilted the favour in this?
The final result with the end product.

For what applications do you use the paper?
We use the Stiffener paper to develop soap wrappers for multinationals.

Is there anything that you do not like or can be improved about this?
Trident has a vast basket of products which includes notebook manufacturing paper, wedding card paper, carry bag paper and various segments that they deliver pan-India. With its restricted production in our required category and our increasing consumption, we are in talks with the company to increase its production as per our monthly requirements.

What’s the quality like?
We are associated with Trident for the past eight years. Looking at today’s rapid rise in technology for packaging and customer requirements, you can understand the quality enhancements that were executed with the support of Trident. We are proud that we deliver one of the best soap wrappers that match the customer expectations.

How easy is it to use?
The quality of the paper is perfectly suitable to our machine requirements and with constant quality enhancements there are hardly any situation where we had concerns regarding the output.

Would you say that it offers value for money?
Our association with Trident is not just value for money; it’s a relationship. We are one of its valued customers and there is always a personal bond that we share with its management who have always understood our ad hoc requirements and delivered the best possible solutions with timely service for us.

Who do you think the paper is right for?
Trident Group is one of the biggest agro-based mills with FSC-certification. Any company with a vision for sustainable operation should work with Trident Paper.

Supplier’s response

Naveet Jindal, CEO, Trident Group (paper division), says, Arihant Flexi Pack is a leading brand in the flexible packaging segment. It has shown tremendous development and expansion in its segment in the recent years. With zero compromise on quality and service, it has been able to convert and sustain multinationals such as HUL, Godrej, RB, etc in its client list. The company maintains the best business practices in the industry in terms of service, delivery, payments and quality. We take pride on being a supplier to Arihant.

Contact Details:
Shashank Nathmal Pareek DC, distribution paper, south and west
Trident Group Mobile +91-9878999231 Email: shashankpareek@




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