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This edition of the weekly update includes counterfeiting of new notes worries agencies; RBI needs to print only Rs 1.15 trillion more currency; why newspaper industry...


Currency in the time of demonetisation

With the government’s historic demonetisation announcement on November 8 and the implementation thereon was met with mixed reaction, the fate and future of the Indian...


Nine firms shortlisted for currency paper import

Landquart from Switzerland, Komsco from South Korea; PWPW from Poland; Arjowiggins from France; Crane from Sweden; Goznak from Russia; PT Pura from Indonesia; Fabriano...


RBI to issue new notes of Rs 50, Rs 20 denomination

These are perhaps the good days to sing along the popular and much derided Abba song, ‘Money, money, money/ Must be funny/ In the rich man's world...” When the bigger...


The Currency Quiz - Do you know your notes as well as you think you do?

Don't be rash about your cash. PrintWeek India's Sriraam Selvam asks you 10 questions about how well you know your Indian currency. Answer these questions and see...


To monetise or to demonetise? - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

In a 40-minute long speech Prime Minister Narendra Modi stunned the nation by announcing the scrapping of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 currency notes. The Noel D'Cunha -...

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