Line O Matic donates notebooks to two NGOs

By 21 Dec 2017

Ahmedabad-based notebook making equipment specialist, Line O Matic will hand over the more than 5,000 notebooks it produced during the demo sessions during Pamex. Reach Out and Spark-A-Change are the two NGOs who will receive the donated notebooks, which carried the names of the two NGOs.


On the second day of the show, students cared by the two NGOs visited the Line O Matic stand, and its chairman, Uday Patel, presented copies of the notebooks to students. These students were also given a tour of the stand, and how these notebooks were produced on the Nova Uno RB104.

“The MMS made a request, we could not ignore. It’s for a better cause, so we decided to donate the notebooks produced during the demo sessions to the two NGOs,” said Nirav Parikh, general manager marketing, Line O Matic.

At the show, Line O Matic launched the Nova Uno RB104, an entry-level notebook making machine. The high-end Bolt RB 104 and the mid-range Nova RB 104 are all automatic, so is the entry-level Nova Uno RB104. Parikh explained, “The Uno RB104 is demonstrated at the show is a fully automatic one. There’s the Uno B104, which is the semi-automatic machine, and only the binding line.”

The Uno RB104, reel to book machine is capable of running at 200 meters/minute and is ideal for someone who does not have a budget for the Bolt, but is looking for a fully automatic machine. “The players in the lower-middle segment looking to upgrade from a semi-automatic machine to an automatic machine, are the ones we can offer this machine to,” said Parikh.

Line O Matic has over 200 installations worldwide of its Bolt and Nova machine.



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