Kodak launches platesetters and plates for corrugated industry

27 June 2014

Kodak has extended its product offerings in the flexo platemaking with its launch of a new plate, a Kodak Flexcel NX plate and a Kodak Flexcel NX Wide platesetter for the corrugated pre-print segment.

"We  are excited to deliver on our customers’ requests for a Kodak Flexcel NX system that focuses on corrugated packaging,” said  Doug Edwards, president, digital printing and enterprise.

"We know that there are always strong cost pressures in  this segment and have worked hard todeliver a solution that focuses on both quality and total  delivered cost. Whether customers  are focused on achieving high quality results in  pre-print  and  post-print  or impactful, cost-effective post-print results  on  lower  grade  liners, we are confident  that  Kodak  now  has  an  innovative solution to meet those needs," he added.
The Kodak Flexcel NX Wide 5080 platesetter can image plates up to 1,270x2,032mm (50x80in) expanding the largest size that the system can handle from the previous maximum of 1,067x1,524mm (42x60in). Like other Kodak Flexcel systems it uses the firm’s SquareSpot imaging and can apply the DigiCap surface patterning to improve ink transfer.

The Kodak NX plate has been formulated to deliver superior ink coverage, reduced fluting, improved highlight reproduction and cost-effect on-press performance.


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