Agarwal Print Media invests in a second RMGT

19 April 2017

Meerut-based print production company Agarwal Print Media (APM) installed its second RMGT, RMGT 920 four-colour press, in March. The company invested in its first Ryobi machine in 2015 and has printed 70 million impressions on the machine since then.

untitled-5 Rajesh Agarwal, managing partner, APM

The RMGT 920 can print at the speed of 16,200 sheets an hour, and can handle sheet sizes from 290x410mm to 640x920 mm and paper thickness from 0.04 to 0.6mm.

Rajesh Agarwal, managing partner, APM, said, “RMGT is a tried and tested manufacturer. The press is also economical compared to our existing machine. Plus, we are running a similar press for the last two years and did not find any problems in quality and runability of the machine. So, there was no need to go anywhere else.”

The press is UV compatible, and Agarwal said the company will soon invest in LED UV.

Presently, Agarwal Print Media has one Heidelberg SM 74 four-colour (which has printed 172 million sheets) and two RMGT 920 four-colour printing presses, all comprising total 12 printing units. These 12 units help the company print five lakh sheets in 24-hour operation. “We run our machines round-the-clock for around eight months.  Production goes a bit down during the four-month off-season,” said Agarwal.

APM services customers from all segments – commercial (5%), packaging (40%) and books production (60%). Packaging works come in 20x30-inches and books in 23x36-inches.

In pre-press, company’s Heidelberg Suprasetter A105 CTP with Prinect Signastation and Metadimension produces 50 to 200 plates per day. “For eight months, we consume around 200 plates per day. The number varies during off-season,” said Agarwal.

Agarwal Print Media is a partnership company between Agarwal and his wife Chhavi, a full-time doctor by profession. Around 100 people work in 20,000 sq/ft area.

Agarwal, an MTech in Electronics from Regional Engineering College, Kurukshetra, who worked in Century Paper before turning into an entrepreneur, said he doesn’t have any fixed ideas about the future, as the segment is constantly changing. “I don’t know where we will move in future because the market is too dynamic. Will decide according to the need of the hour,” concluded Agarwal.

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