10 August 2015, Vol VIII Issue 4


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Seven technologies in food packaging

Dr NC Saha, director, Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP), offers a lowdown on seven packaging technologies prevalent in India


Seven cool publishers of India…Some you’ve perhaps never heard of

How does one choose seven cool publishers of India—from a sea of the subcontinent’s massive crop, where over 19,000 publishers publish books in the 24 official languages and others?When setting out to compile such a list, we wondered: if cool is a euphemism for bestsellers, or popularity, or youthful spirit, or just being different, then the category must be about something more. If ‘publisher’ is understood to be a glorified printing-distribution service-provider whose package includes a spell-check, then the list must dispel that notion. And so we put together a list with seven publishers, who are not just cool, but groundbreaking, risk-taking, and dedicated to ideas that shape our thinking. These are but seven among several publishers who, with their pioneering efforts and innovative work, help us read and write our stories.


'We are going to take over the world'

Bengaluru-based textile printing specialist Quenby Transfers India, the wholly owned subsidiary of Quenby Transfers, UK, the winner of the PrintWeek India Company of the Year for 2014, is bullish. The manufacturer and exporter of heat transfer prints works in the textile printing segment, with a clear vision of where they want to go. Ramu Ramanathan talks to David Hunt, MD, and Sachindranath Udupa, operation director of Quenby Transfers, about the company’s ink compliance policies, its specialised work process and how it came to set shop in India, among other things


The little brown box

The retail boom is paving way for automation in the largely old-world Indian corrugation industry. The growth of 12-15% per annum in the next five years is an expert estimation. Are we ready to handle this? Tanvi Parekh takes a closer look at what is transpiring on the ground


Paper cups are the future, but are they safe?

The paper used in paper cups is bio-degradable,but not the ldpe used to make the cups sturdy. Anand srinivasan looks at the complexities surrounding the paper cups


How the ceramic capital of India went digital

Once the stronghold of screen printing, the ceramic tiles factories in Morbi, Gujarat, have embraced the digital technology in a big way. How this came about and what happened next? Asha Sampath, founder and head of growth and brand strategy practice at BrandHorizon tells Noel D'Cunha

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