10 December 2014, Vol VII Issue 8


Articles in This Issue


Under Forty: Vikas Gulati (Galaxy Offset India)

“The possibilities that a good printing press and a good printing brain can conjure are much greater than simply meeting the expectations of a customer.” Now we know why they say, “Vikas is not just him. He is also the sum total of all their print jobs.”


Under Forty: Vasant Goel (Gopsons Papers)

In addition to the multi-locational multi-crore book production plant, Goel is responsible to trigger a road trip of the young turks; Hyuma Mahadevia, Akshay Poddar, Vividh Makhija, Alok Munot, and Amit Sharma back in 2011. Are we sensing a reunion?


Under Forty: Snehangshu Ganguly (NK Gossain Printing Press / Libako Packaging)

Once forced into the business, Ganguly now tries to better print quality at N K Gossain with his emphasis on creating innovation each day. With his investment bankers’ hat on, he has already chalked an expansion plan, from a to-be-won Rs 25-crore!


Under Forty: Varun Tholasi (Tholasi Prints)

Quoting from his favourite movie, The Butterfly Effect, ‘It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world’. This (plus the ISO / Fogra certifications), says a lot about Tholasi’s passion for high quality print and why he always wanted to join the business.


Under Forty: Sandeep Zaveri (Total Print Solutions)

Sandeep is one of the young guns in the label industry. He was a part of his father’s unit, until he set up Total Print in Navi Mumbai. He also is a key mover of the LMAI Young Manager Forum.


Under Forty: Shail Patel (Gujarat Print Pack Publications)

18-months in the business, Shail is using his print media degree from Rochester Institute as a peg to make the most of the technology and peers. For him, greed is good.

Latest Poll

PM Modi and the Government has vowed that India will abolish all single-use plastic by 2022. Technically, flexible laminates, tapes, labels, shrink films also are single-use plastics. Is this a viable course of action?