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What they learnt: Gautam Modi, Gautam Paper Udhyog

Stocking excess inventory costed Modi a dent in the balance sheet. Soon enough the company came to answer the question: to stock or not to stock...


What they learnt: Snehangshu Ganguly, NK Gossain Printing Press

Ganguly's initial journey, beginning from 2012, was full of hurdles and teething problems. With substantial losses in his books of account, he has eventually tasted...


What they learnt: Faheem Agboatwala, Hi-Tech Printing Services

It was in the year 2007 that Agboatwala was planning to invest in an inline coater. The struggle with the machine started early on. Agboatwala struggled for two...


What they learnt: Karan Kapur, JK Fine Prints

Kapur believes that gaining returns on high-quality benchmark is always easier said than done.


Guy Gecht’s Commandment to achieve one billion for EFI - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

EFI’s USD 140mn investment in Italian textile ink and kit manufacturer Reggiani Macchine, and Israeli wide-format manufacturer Matan was completed on 1 July. Speaking...


Sandeep Zaveri elected as the president of LMAI

Sandeep Zaveri is one of the young guns in the label industry. Armed with a printing technology degree from the London College of Printing and a BTech in Business...


70 Sonora customers for Kodak in the first year

Lois Lebegue, managing director of ALMA and VP at Eastman Kodak, tells Ramu Ramanathan that "India is a very successful territory. Be it, last year, as well as this...


Customers are an important part in the success of a product

Nordson is the world’s biggest manufacturer of fluid dispensing equipment. As Suprotik Das explains to Noel D’Cunha, the company’s business is precision in dispensing...


The Indian flexible industry is as competent as any other country

I think we have already taken over the world, says Amit Ray of Uflex, arguing that in the flexible packaging segment, there are a number of companies which are exporting...


Focus on packaging cost reduction, automation

Torrent Pharmaceuticals’ Suresh Ganapuram talks to Noel D’Cunha about end-of-the-line automation, serialisation, track and trace, and anti-counterfeiting

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