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Dr Akshay Joshi: The print defect investigator

On 24 December 2015, Dr Akshay Joshi, research co-ordinator, printing department at the PVG College of Engineering and Technology, Pune, was conferred with a PhD...


What they learnt: Milap Shah, PrintStop

Research, research and more research. That has become the Shah brothers' mantra to venture in anything new...


What they learnt: Manu Choudhary, CDC Printers

The road to excellence begins from ground zero. Thus, every week the CDC team goes through the internal rejection process, understands the causes and takes the appropriate...


What they learnt: Saeesh Dhond, The Impression Group

What's crucial for a business? Market research and potential clients' list tops the chart for Saeesh Dhond


What they learnt: Ankit Darji, Ankit Graphics

Employees are an asset. And the one who takes care of their employees are ensured increased output.


What they learnt: Prithviraj Desai, Mail Order Solutions

An export order has many variables and not factoring in even one can lead to short-lived celebrations. This is MOS's story from the early days on, regaled by Prithviraj...


What they learnt: Varun Tholasi, Tholasi Prints

Tholasi believes that in the larger interest of an organisation we need to keep the emotions aside and take actions wherever necessary. And just how one should be...


What they learnt: Animesh Kejriwal, Parksons Graphics

While Kejriwal believes there is always an inherent risk of failure in experiments and investments, innovation should never take a back seat. And that is what he...


What they learnt: Sandeep Zaveri, Total Print Solution

There’s no point in bleeding and Zaveri would like to appeal to all printers to work together towards gaining the respect for the industry


What they learnt: Hyuma Mahadevia, Yamir Packaging

When blocking caused an order for printing and fabricating cartons worth Rs 45 lakhs take an awry turn and relationships with the supplier turned sour...

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