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DB Corp completes roll out in Bihar

D B Corp (Dainik Bhaskar Group) has successfully completed its roll-out in Bihar. The publication launched the Muzaffarpur edition on 8 August and the Gaya edition...


Marking Meerut with Komori

Until recently, Meerut-based Laser Point Multicolour Offset was using a pre-owned four-colour press for its commercial and book production jobs. As work started...


Making it look easy - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

India’s print business is setting new standards, and it’s spreading. The print companies are becoming good at producing excellence, and are getting better every...


"The Chennai printer should be futuristic," says P Chander

Comprising almost 3,000 large, medium and mostly small units, the print industry in Chennai has a revered history. As Chander Pasupathy, a print industry veteran...


Cluster Development: Building Print Cities - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

Why are cities like Bengaluru and Pune innovative hot spots for IT? Because these cities were part of the cluster development programme, consolidating expertise...


Seven cool publishers of India…Some you’ve perhaps never heard of

How does one choose seven cool publishers of India—from a sea of the subcontinent’s massive crop, where over 19,000 publishers publish books in the 24 official languages...


Mail in India - What next?

Direct mail is in danger of being vanished from this country. Mismanagement and lack of interest from the government bodies has made mail’s future precarious, finds...


Seven label firms explore digital power with Indigo

PrintWeek India celebrates its seventh anniversary this month. Continuing the theme of seven, this article aims to look at seven label and packaging converters who...


Autoprint and Swifts: The mini offset story - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

Print continues to be a dominant part of the communications industry, currently representing 40% with brand advertising crossing Rs 16,000 crores in print in 2015...


Glass ceiling smashed again. Gender irrelevant when it comes to work

Sashi Nair is the director and editor Press Institute of India - Research Institute for Newspaper Development (Publishers of Vidura/ Grassroots/ RIND Survey).

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