Replika’s printing journey

Bhuvnesh Seth, managing director at Replika Press, made a presentation about Replika and its place in Indian book printing industry at the Print & Beyond Seminar...


In a country of 1.3 billion ice cream experts

Rahil Gandhi, director at Vadilal Dairy International tells the WhatPackaging? team about the difference packaging has made in the 4.5 lakh tonnes ice creams and...


Rapid-fire with Anuj Bhargava of Kumar Labels

When Kumar Labels ventured into the label business in 2007, the market was very different. As Anuj Bhargava said, “There was a scarcity of label printers and People...


The curious case of printing ink economics - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

The price of raw materials is rising, but the cost of ink doesn’t. There’s a need for low migration inks, but we need regulatory changes to drive its use. The GST...


Women in print: Hema Java

Hema Java handles marketing and is also involved in improving the customer service experience at Java Paper Group


How AGS grew its brand - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

It took Vishnuu Kamat three years to push an entry-level sample-maker in the Indian packaging market. It has now gained acceptance. The compact X-Rite kit is becoming...


Printing is more than ink on paper

Panthala Selvan of Pressman Solutions feels that colour management has seen a rise in the Indian printing industry over the past few years and more and more print...


Women in print: Vijayalakshmi Murali

Vijaylakshmi is an assitant manager for sales and operations at Wan-Ifra South Asia.


Women in print: Radha Ramesh

Radha Ramesh works as a general manager- HR and admin at Dhote Offset Technokrafts


Haresh Mehta: The corrugation man

Mehta found fame in making corrugation "chic”. In a conversation with Ramu Ramanathan he talks about his journey and his voracious appetite for all things corrugate...

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