"We wanted to follow a deeper ethos and a process oriented approach towards design" - Samira Gupta and Dhritiman Deb Pillai

Devoting a generous amount of time to research, design thinking, and the process of creation is very important for Studio Eksaat, and the result of that is clearly...


Vinod Kumar Jain: “ADD on paper will gravely impact printing, ink, plates as well as paper industry”

Vinod Kumar Jain, managing director at Secure Print is also a member of the standing committee for government relations at the All India Federation of Master Printers...


Kanishk Jain: “LED UV curing systems to replace mercury systems, soon”

Kanishk Jain, proprietor of Delhi-based Grafik Machinery in a Q&A with Sriraam Selvam shares his thoughts on LED UV and the company’s roadmap.


Can print take advantage of the plastic ban? - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

The Maharashtra government has imposed a ban on use of plastic from 18 March 2018. The reason: Take a walk to any public space like a beach or a park in Mumbai city,...


​​​Plastic regulations may be happy days for print

There is an anti-plastic tsunami right now. Take a walk to any public space like a beach or a park in Mumbai city, and you will see carelessly discarded plastic...


Sona Papers’ Seven Wonders - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

Fine papers’ impact cannot be measured. However, Sona Papers’ seven wonders strive to create a sensory gap to incentivise the users to pick up the print and packaged...


What Omotenashi, the Japanese approach to customer, means

Raju Kutty of Purandara Laser Technologies narrates his first encounter with Japanese manufacturing two years ago and explains what he learned from the experience...


Fujifilm and Xerox - Match made in heaven?

While the USD 6.1-bn takeover of Xerox by Fujifilm has sent the world into a tizzy, Sriraam Selvam breaks down what the deal could mean to the future of the company...


Me & My - Ipv ProofCheck

Vasai’s Saroj Art Printers has been achieving a zero-defect leaflet output thanks to the Ipv ProofCheck, unravels Priya Raju in a conversation with the CEO Manoj...


Max’s Ramneek Jain: “Use single family material to ease recycling”

Following the NGT intervention in flexible packaging, Ramneek Jain, chief executive officer, Max Speciality Films, tells Rushikesh Aravkar, recyclability will certainly...

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