The curious case of printing ink economics - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

The price of raw materials is rising, but the cost of ink doesn’t. There’s a need for low migration inks, but we need regulatory changes to drive its use. The GST...

Picture Gallery - A quick glimpse of Media Expo

Snapshots of Media Expo from the lense of PrintWeek India's Sujith Ail. The 42nd edition of show along with the co-located show In-Store Asia provides a glimpse...


"Printers need to adapt to how the content consumption has changed over the years," Ruchita Madhok and Aditya Palsule

We speak to the co-founders and principal designers of Mumbai based Kahani Designworks about some of their recent work


Me & My: Sakurai Maestro MF80VII

“We have become a Sakurai loyalist for the automation, precision and quality offered,” says Sujan Nailady of the Bengaluru-based Image Labels.


Eight rules to guarantee you have swag

Read the ground rules for everyday administration, which will ensure that you are distinctive among other printing business in today's millenial-dominated India....


How some printers have a lot of fun - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

Six master printers and what they do when they are not minding their press. All of us have hobbies. Some of us abandon these hobbies as we age or pretend to be...


How green is my waste

There are mixed attitudes about zero waste to landfill within the Indian print industry. While the idea is met with enthusiasm from all corners, actually achieving...


The Tale of Two Ink Majors - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

Manufacturers are perhaps the most fearful species in the world, says a top ink maker. “Impact of rise in raw material prices is often not passed-on to customers,...


'Agencies not doing a good job in day-to-day advertising': Piyush Pandey

The advertising leader was analysing work in the year gone by at the IAA Retrospect and Prospects


"The main challenge is to find work that’s genuinely engaging and yet keep the studio running" - Rukminee Guha Thakurta

We speak to the founder of Letterpress Design Studio about her journey as a publication designer

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