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Me & My... GMC PrintNet T

Atul Dharne, technical head at the Navi Mumbai-based PrintMail says the software helps in producing high impact, personalised communication


Easy guide through the MIS maze

A good MIS system can provide detailed customer history, stock control, production control, customer relationship management and management accounts information....


Sporting side of the print industry

The portrait of a printer as fun guy, who refuses to be bogged down by demanding customers, delay in payments, a production process and daily routines. Noel D'cunha...


Plates: The unsung hero of print!

Sachin Shardul verifies the print performance of printing plates - including history, technology, chemistry and waste in order to help printers make a more informed...


Me & My.... Welbound Trident

Shantanu Roy of Repro India says that good safety system, consistent trim and low cost of maintenance makes this trimmer a real value for money


Sanat Shah, chairman of Manugraph is optimistic about print in India

In the Indian industry the adage is, Manugraph sets the tone for print. But last year, wasn't the best of year, and it would be fair to say that the "bhishma pitamah...


Jaipur Printers readies for big league as Rajasthan's economy gallops along

Rajasthan is a low-key market. But now the bar has been raised by Jaipur Printers, who rival the best in the business.


Top Indian printers react to paper price hike

Anand Limaye, editor of Print Bulletin and Ramu Ramanathan speak to top printers across India, who air their opinion about how to counter across-the-board paper...


Young turks at Ipex 2010

Everything you need to make your Ipex dream a reality. Alok Singh and Samir Lukka talk to next-gen Ipexians who get down to the brasstacks of how to manage your...


Combat of technologies: Offset vs Digital...

Savvy printers will build their future on a combination of digital and litho and create a new business model, says Samir Lukka.

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