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10 things you did not know about click charges - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

One of the accruals of digital printing was cost-per-sheet arrangement or what is known as click charge. Is it all going wrong?


Trillions of boxes and growing - The Noel D'cunha Sunday Column

The corrugated packaging industry in India is steadily growing at 10% per annum.


How Indian flexible firms are packagifying! - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

Conversations about stats are interesting. Today Uflex dominates the flexible packaging market due to its ability of converting more than 8000 tonnes of laminates...


What do 19% of award-winning brochures have in common? Cordenons - The Noel D'cunha Sunday Column

Hemant Randive, the general manager (production services) of FCB Ulka Advertising, says, "Printing has become an art and piece of science, from hit and miss."


The prolonged catch-up: The Noel D'cunha Sunday Column

Numbers are grim.The offset press sales in India fell by half in 2013.


Quarterly Round-up of Label News: The Noel D'cunha Sunday Column

The FMCG and pharma markets,according to reports, are estimated to grow to Rs 6,200bn (CII) and Rs 2,700bn (McKinsey) in 2020 in India; and a wine markets that is...


Three trends: if you want to grow - The Noel D'cunha Sunday Column

Toyo Ink’s president and CEO Katsumi Kitagawa has his office on the 16th floor and one that has a full view of Tokyo, the city in Japan.


12 Commandments about the pace of packaging: The Noel D'cunha Sunday Column

In spite of the Eskos and Quadtech and Robatechs, you wonder if packaging has evolved at a rather slow pace.


Print magic with five websites: The Noel D'cunha Sunday Column

The Internet is a platform for designers to share and discuss contemporary issues in print practice as well as the turning points and the ever-changing nature of...

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