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'Majority of print is still on paper'

Hasit Shah of Chimanlal Fein Paper has his head office in Mumbai with branches at Bengaluru, Kochi and Hyderabad. The group, established in 1946, has a team of...


Media Expo is growing because the market is growing

It’s been two years since Messe Frankfurt took over Media Expo, a trade show on outdoor signage, among others, featuring the latest in wide format printing, among...


Wan-Ifra 2016: Use of UV inks can help add value

Value addition is the key to sell a regular product better. When it comes to newspaper printing, using UV inks could be one of the ways to add value. This was the...


Wan-Ifra 2016: Challenges of inserting systems

Inserts or advertisement materials come our way through newspapers during weekends, or ahead of a major festival. Inserts are important sources of revenue for a...


Wan-Ifra 2016: Print offers more options for innovations

The life and future of print medium has been a subject of discussion in the last few editions of the Wan-Ifra India conference, including the 2016 edition held in...


The on-going growth story of Indian newspapers

The first newspaper in India – the Bengal Gazette, popularly called Hicky’s Gazette – was published in 1780. It was a two-pager in foolscap size. From then on, newspapers...


A report on the LMAI cost restructuring session

In the recent times, the label industry in India has been facing intense pressure on costs and reduced margins, making it difficult for label printers to sustain...


'Strong brand organisations have higher market share'

Delivering the keynote address on the subject, ‘Brand management of the future and evolution of flexible packaging and printing,’ during the International Packaging...


How different are heatset and coldset offset?

As you get your morning cup of coffee along with a newspaper – it is a sheer sense of early morning fulfilment. Yet, you have never bothered to know how his favourite...


Where is print poised in the Drupa year? - The Noel D'Cunha Sunday Column

In this Sunday Column, CG Ramakrishnan discusses the transformation of TechNova; and how the company that was born three decades ago, is embarking on a green mission,...

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