Packaging stalwart P Dasgupta is no more

By 02 Nov 2018

Prabuddha Dasgupta, senior packaging technologist and an industry veteran, died on 30 October 2018, at the age of 66.

Prabuddha Dasgupta

Dasgupta spent the better part of his career as head of packaging at Hindustan Unilever. Even after his official retirement from the company, he continued to serve the industry as an independent consultant with his unrivalled passion for packaging and innovation. In his latest assignment, he served as a principal lead – packaging at Bengaluru-based Thinking Forks.

An IIT Bombay alumnus, Dasgupta holds a diploma from The Institute of Packaging, UK and the Indian Institute of Packaging. His notable work has been in the areas of oxygen scavenging crown caps for tomato ketchup, bulk tea packaging, easy tear laminates for small sachets, and high-barrier foil replacement among other things. He has bagged several prestigious awards including five World Star, 23 India Star awards.

Prior to joining Unilever, Prabuddha headed the packaging function for leading pharmaceutical companies in India such as Ranbaxy and Wockhardt.

In Memoriam – Prabuddha Dasgupta

Sandeep Kumar Goyal, Sanex Packaging Connections

P Dasgupta and his welcome smile

It’s a long story of more than 31 years. I met him during the internship of my packaging education and then started working with him since August 1987 at Ranbaxy. This is where I started my packaging journey. Since I came from a humble background, he made sure that I settled well in the professional world. He always welcomed with a smile and was available at times, fully approachable and had all the time for you whenever you ask. I never heard that he is busy and I should call him later, he was always happy to be contacted. I had always seen him smiling. So what I remember is his welcome smile. His knowledge about packaging had been beyond my imagination and he had been everywhere, he had been kind of omnipresent in the packaging knowledge circles. I pray that his soul rests in peace and he enjoys the life of the astral world.

Manjeet Sahu, Kelloggs

He was the “go to” person and he always had something to give you

I was terribly shocked at the sad demise of Prabuddha Dasgupta (lovingly called as Dada). I can barely imagine the loss his departure from this planet would leave for his family and for the packaging fraternity in the country and abroad. Dada will be missed by one and all connected to the packaging industry. A legend and an institution in himself, he always had something to give you. Anyone, who has worked with him will miss his ready smile. His urge to share the vast knowledge leaves you to feel like a toddler. He was a mobile packaging encyclopaedia, a great source of inspiration for many packaging professionals living their dreams. The loss is definitely irrevocable, but most important is the void created owing to his tragic and untimely death is not going to be filled ever. May his departed soul rest in peace…

Maneesh Sharma, Future Group

A legend who ruled our mind with knowledge and heart with humility and compassion. He lives through our spirit

He was a mentor to anyone having a quest for knowledge. As a mentor, he would patiently listen to and understand the issue. Then start explaining from fundamentals and follow it up with both macro and micro view of any new technology. This helped individuals like me in building up a solid knowledge base without revisiting and enhancing capabilities. He was always accessible. He believed in challenging the status quo to reinvent himself ahead of time. He had an immense risk-taking ability.

The best part was his ability to treat people with respect, humility, compassion and with love without making them feel small. He always encouraged us to take risks and taught us how to disseminate the challenges into building blocks of creating the solution. His passion for packaging was infectious.

Once during our afternoon walk, while we worked with HUL, I told him about an adhesive issue related to BOPP tapes. He gave me an in-depth understanding of the BOPP as a substrate and three types of adhesives used and their significance. This little chat has been so enriching that I have never had to look around for any issue related to printed BOPP tapes. He was an excellent teacher.

Visionary, obsessively creative, he believed in getting his hands dirty to learn and assimilate.

RIP Prabuddha Dasgupta Sir!

BK Karna, PCRI

He was a mentor to many packaging professionals

I have known Mr Dasgupta since 1985. He is known for his enthusiasm and encouragement, and his passion for packaging. A thorough gentleman, a true professional, he strived to improve packaging standards in India. His contribution at VFC in uplifting the quality standards for folding cartons and flexible packaging has been very significant. Over the years he has mentored many packaging professionals. He is recognised as an encyclopaedia of packaging.

He was an honorary advisor of PCRI and Packaging Club. As a mark of respect, we, at PCRI are going to announce one award of his name as Prabudhdha Dasgupta as PD Award for Best Packaging Professional from Packaging Club which will be given on March 24 every year during the world packaging day celebrations.

Long live P Dasgupta Saab...

Dr R Rangaprasad, packaging expert

He was committed to the cause of education and training

I am stunned and saddened beyond words on hearing the news of the untimely demise of Prabuddha Dasgupta. I knew him well over two decades and interacted with him in different capacities. What struck me was his simple, affable nature, willingness to discuss any subject, irrespective of professional affiliations and business considerations. During his tenure at HUL, he spearheaded many innovations and was responsible for the successful launch of many products. He was deeply committed to the cause of education and training and was responsible for advisory services to many academic institutions and professional bodies. He was widely respected in the industry and was a much sought-after consultant in food and packaging related industries. We in the industry will miss him immensely and join the family in this moment of grief.

May his soul rest in peace.

Ambrish Bhargava, XPRT Packaging Solutions

I remember Prabuddha’s gentle spirit, loving nature, and smiling face

Extending heartfelt condolences at this time as I remember Prabudha Dasgupta someone who was a hard worker, someone who stood on principles and was a mentor to his co-workers at HUL and other places where he worked. Having known him for almost 25 years I especially remember Prabuddha’s gentle spirit and loving nature, and a smiling face. He will always be remembered as an essentially giving person of great character.

To say Prabudha was larger than life character would be an understatement. He will always be remembered as a great team player who was capable of getting the best out of you, verified by numerous packaging Innovations we teamed together. After my retirement as president of Rollatainers, he encouraged me to continue as a part of the HUL development team. It is due to him that I continue to serve HUL even today in the name and style of XPRT Packaging. His competitive working style and skills were only surpassed by his incredible positive influence and zest for life off work.

Memory nourishes the heart, and grief abates.

Rest in peace, my friend.



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